Pillars of the Dream: Work

I have found that Super Bowel commercials are really the only ones worth watching. At the price they pay per minute, I’d hope so.

Though this commercial is probably not very popular in other countries, it does have a good message that comes clear in one sentence: “It’s pretty simple, you work hard, create your own luck, and you got to believe that anything is possible.” That sentence sums up the idea of work in The American Dream.

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie – Source – http://greatimmigrants.carnegie.org

Work uses Opportunities within Freedom to build our lives. By its strength, we can forge different destinies for us and our families. The immigrant can become a steel magnate, like Andrew Carnegie; a boy splitting rails for the railway can become president, like Abraham Lincoln.


Source – flickr.com

I have often turned to Gaining Favor With God and Man by William M. Thayer when looking at a topic, its material covering all that I may ask of it. On the topic of work he writes: “In these papers we are setting forth the elements of true success, and one of them is work. By this we mean something more than the occupation of one’s time; we mean a resolute, invincible determination to accomplish one’s purpose, even through absolute hardship of labor be required.”

On the farm, work is not optional, unless you want to see it fall into decay. The farmer works not only for himself, but for his family, for the future generations that will follow in his footsteps. His labor doesn’t always show fruit in the immediate future, usually it takes decades to see the success of his hands.

It is easy to sit idle and watch opportunities slip through your fingers, but it takes guts to seize opportunity. It requires sacrifice of time, energy and effort to bring about success.

farm work hard

Source – artofmanliness.com

Work Hard – As my dear pappy always says, “Put some elbow grease in it.” When you work do it with energy, don’t simply do the minimum to get by. Don’t hold anything back, do what task you have been given to the best of your ability.

Create Your Own Luck – I can’t say I’ve ever liked the work “Luck,” it implies chance has given you what you have, rather than it being through hard work. Luck is what others use to explain the success of the industrious, and their own misfortune. Don’t be a victim of circumstance, work hard and take success in your own hands.

Believe – Have confidence in your abilities, but not to the point of hubris. Have faith that your work will bear fruit, even if it doesn’t appear that it will. Believe that anything is possible through enough effort and hard work.

work 3

I don’t advise becoming this guy.. Source – http://www.clipartbest.com

Keep Perspective – In Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller, a book on a Christian perspective of work, the author notes something Dorthy L. Sayers said about work, “Serve the work.” Often people think that work is best as serving others, but the difficulty is that then you can start thinking others owe you. The work cannot give anything, it can only provide the satisfaction of a job well done.


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    I found this terrific post on the very good blog Farming The Dream and immediately decided to share it with you.
    Atheists believe that work made people from apes.
    What can happen if there is not enough work?

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