Be Strong

As I continue my education in the realm of poetry, I came across one with the enchanting title, Be Strong, and it instantly became a favorite. It was written by Maltibie D. Babcock, the same author of a favorite hymn of mine, This Is My Father’s World.


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Be Strong!
We are not here to play, to dream, to drift;
We have hard work to do, and loads to lift;
Shun not the struggle – face it; ’tis God’s gift.

Be Strong!
Say not, “The days are evil. Who’s to blame?”
And fold the hands and acquiesce – oh shame!
Stand up, speak out, and bravely in God’s name.

Be Strong!
It matter not how deep intrenched the wrong,
How hard the battle goes, the day how long;
Faint not – fight on! Tomorrow comes the song.

Often in our modern culture, in the hustle and bustle of life, we spend too much time wrapped up in how we feel about this or that. The best cure for anxiety I find it to keep moving forward, to keep working, doing your job, to be strong.


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