The Learning Curve

Rule 24. In everything, good or bad, learn a lesson.

As I review my rules, viewing their applications to life as it changes, this seems an appropriate one to go over again.


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Our lives constantly throw random events in our paths, trials, troubles, and more importantly, training.

When we go through difficult times, we are tempted to try to forget them, to push them into a box where they cannot hurt us. This forced amnesia is extremely unhealthy, leaving the patient with no development from the trial. Those moments are times to learn, to grow and develop.


My method of test taking – Source –

Our character is improved in those times, and unless we learn those lessons we’ll have to take the test all over again.

The good times are just as important. We learn how to handle success, joy, and happiness.

I believe we each have a destiny. God, in His sovereignty, gives each of us a story. Every moment of our lives is a journey to that destiny. In both good and bad times we learn, we are influenced by those moments, and they equip us to become the men and women our fates require.


We need to take the moments, the good times and the bad, and learn from them. Life has a funny way of letting us re-learn lessons we failed. It doesn’t offer much of a learning curve. Learn from the past so you don’t have to repeat it.


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