It seems appropriate that this should come on the 200th post to this website, hard to imagine we’re at that number, though I am aware that others have achieved it at a far quicker pace.

In February of this year we launched the Intellectual Agrarian Podcast and started doing a few videos.

Continuing in that direction, we have spun it off onto it’s own website: IntellectualAgrarian.com There you will find all our videos, Podcasts, and articles moving forward. All previous content will still be available here on farmingthedream.wordpress.com

farmingthedream.com is going to be spun off in it’s own direction, and is currently still in development.

To stay current with our activities and see what new stuff we have coming down the line, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. – eepurl.com/cHHWl5

Thanks for reading the blog, listening to the Podcast, watching the videos. Together, let’s keep farming the dream!


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