The Root

Farming the dream was started by Terrance Layhew in 2014 as a way of letting out literary steam. With a background in farming and farmer’s markets, this became another field to plants seeds in (and occasionally another soapbox to stand on). It started out focusing on farmers and the American Dream, two important elements of the American culture, but then it began to grow.

In 2017 we launched The Intellectual Agrarian Podcast and subsequent Youtube channel, where we educate on more farm related topics and share the stories of other great farmers.

The American Dream

When I work at the Farmer’s Market, and practically anywhere else, my reply to “How are you doing?” Has been, “Living the American Dream!” Along with this answer, comes questions like: “What’s that?” “Really?” “Isn’t that a nightmare?”

When I say “The American Dream.” I mean the same dream that the Pilgrims had when they first travel across the ocean in uncertainty, the dream that the founders of our great nation had: The dream of “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

The rough definition I give is this: The American dream is the ideal that any man, depending on the hard work he puts into his opportunities life, can find his place of contentment on the social ladder.
This may not be the most accurate, but it’s the best one I have at the moment. You may be sure that it can slightly change in wording as time goes along.

For a exposition of my thoughts on The American Dream, take a look at our Pillars of the Dream series:

Pillars of the Dream: Opportunity

Pillars of the Dream: Freedom

Pillars of the Dream: Work


If you wish to contact me with any suggestions, questions, or comments, email me at: T.layhew@farmingthedream.com


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Good thought. However, there is also an element of available opportunities which can affect the American Dream. For example, if you were a machinist with 20 years of experience and your employer outsources their products to China and laid you off as has happened to millions of Americans in the past twenty years, the American dream opportunities for an available opportunities to obtain a livable wage job has been diminished.

    Regards and good will blogging

  2. I like the title of your blog. Because I write about history, focusing largely on food and agriculture, it resonates — because writing is my dream and farming is where that dream has carried me. (My ID will take you to my Waltzing Australia blog, but check my Midwest Maize blog, and that farm connection will be more obvious.) Keep up the good work. Interesting blog.

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